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We Build What Works For Today's K-12

We’re a California-based non-profit charter management organization that builds and operates high quality, accountable, and innovative K-12 charter schools. Our students benefit from internally developed online curriculum and systems that are proven to work for students. In short, we build active and engaged K-12 learning communities. 

Student Choice and Parent Trust.

We’re in business because of trust and choice – not because students are assigned to our schools based on where they live. We work to earn that trust through every single interaction, every single day. 

We win with lower student-teacher ratios, custom curriculum solutions, and a student-first, adaptable culture. 

Our School Model Scales.

Our business model is enabled by new solutions developed by solving our own pain points. These innovations build trust, enhance our product, improve academic outcomes, and grow our brand in a crowded and redundant space. 

Students always come first. Easy to say, more difficult to do. Our focus on doing, rather than just saying, has led to year over year academic growth, enrollment growth, and student satisfaction growth.

Our Areas of Focus:

Charter school design, launch & Management

Starting in 2014, we launched Method Schools in San Diego. Since opening, we’ve served over 40,000 students throughout Southern California. 

K-12 Online Publishing

We blog profusely and create relevant content for to make K-12 leaders more informed.

Online curriculum & Systems development

In 2018, we launched SmartFox, a fully responsive online K-12 curriculum following a proven and adaptive pedagogy approach. SmartFox features fully CA UC a-g and NCAA approved courseware. 

School District Partnerships

We do not compete for student enrollments. Rather, we work with our education partners to ensure students are in the right position – and school – to succeed. 

Listen. Build. Listen. Enhance. Repeat.


Our mission is to improve public education by continually building and operating accountable, effective and adaptive schools and solutions.

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A Gazillion* Years of K-12 Experience


Dr. Jessica Spallino


Mark Holley


Jade Fernandez


Stefanie Bryant


Sarah Delawder


Tracy Robertson


It's simple. We build stuff that students like.

Solutions For Today's K-12 Public Schools

Starting in 2014, we launched Method Schools, a hybrid model charter school focused on San Diego and the Inland Empire in California. Next came Method Los Angeles, now our biggest charter school. In 2018 we launched SmartFox, and in 2023 we’re launching DMSA, a sports academy that pairs high-end academics with elite sports training.

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